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August 30 is National Grief Awareness Day, which is dedicated to raising awareness of the myriad ways in which individuals cope with loss. To help individuals and families coping with loss, Jacoby's Shield is holding Virtual Camp SHIELD Saturday, August 28, 2021, from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.

During Virtual Camp SHIELD you will learn:

- What is attachment pain, and how does attachment pain impact grief?

- How does telling appreciation stories help you move through grief?

- Learn why validation and comfort are so important while grieving.

- Why is being "told the truth" is actually more harmful than helpful?

- Exercises on how to quiet and rest by yourself, and as a family.

The cost of Virtual Camp SHIELD is $25 per family, up to 10 family members.  A family consists of any combination of bereaved parents, grandparents, and siblings.

Register today to attend Virtual Camp SHIELD [REGISTER].

Here is what is included:

- A Zoom link to join the Live Online Event August 28.

- A breakout room experience to interact and process what you are learning with your peers.

- Video recordings of the main sessions to watch at your convenience.

- A special "children's time" for families with young bereaved siblings.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (803) 400-3299.

Virtual Superhero 5K 2021

On April 17, 2021, we held our Virtual Superhero 5K 2021. We called the Southeast's mightiest superheroes! The call was answered. The money being raised will help fund Camp SHIELD and family bereavement support groups. Camp SHIELD will be held this Fall at Camp Kinard in Batesburg-Leesville. Please save the date for next year's race, April 16, 2022. Same bat time. Same bat channel!

2021 Superhero 5K Group Pics

2021 Superhero 5K Race Pics

2021 Superhero 5K Finish Line Pics

2021 Superhero 5K Awards Pics

We cordially invite you to participate as a Sponsor of Jacoby’s Shield Virtual Superhero 5K. Your sponsorship helps to defray the cost of organizing the event. Funds received from sponsorships are used to purchase t-shirts for registered race participants, awards and complimentary drinks and snacks for each race participant. Any additional money from sponsorships will help go toward our fundraising goal of $30,000.

There are various levels of sponsorship for the Virtual Superhero 5K. Size and placement of logos on t‐shirts and website are based on sponsorship level.

If you would like to be a sponsor for our Virtual Superhero 5K, please download and submit a SPONSOR FORM.  If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact Board Chair Stuart Latta, by telephone at 803-400-3299 or by e-mail at . Thank you!

Jacoby’s Shield is unique. In the cases where a family suffers the death of a child, there are long term effects on the surviving family members. Children who lost a sibling have a mortality rate two and a half times that of other children. One factor is the emotional impact and its effects on mental health, especially in the short term. For parents, research has shown that losing a child increases the mortality rate in mothers more than a decade later, both from natural and unnatural causes. It increases the mortality rate in fathers, too, but only from unnatural causes. Child death is a profound loss for parents, resulting in elevated rates of marital disruption as well as depression and health problems persisting decades after the child’s death.

The loss of a child is a parent’s worst nightmare, and when a family member dies the whole family grieves and each family member needs support. Oftentimes the fathers grieve differently than the mothers. And the surviving siblings are “the forgotten mourners.” The strain on a family as a result of a death of a child is high. Jacoby’s Shield is unique in that in brings the entire family unit together to heal in a safe place with their peers, parents with other parents, and siblings with other siblings.